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AWJ VIP Ticket Disclaimer:
VIP Series packages are purchased and issued subject to the policies and regulations of AWJ production. VIP and individual tickets are never refundable. Prices include all handling fees and discounts. Play schedules and venues are subject to change. In the event of an unavoidable change, AWJ in Houston reserves the right to present a substitution. Seating will be assigned to comparable locations for shows at all theatres. No tickets purchased pursuant to a Season Ticket Holder contract may be resold for any amount other than the price printed on the ticket. Tickets acquired hereunder may not be resold, transferred or distributed to any ticket broker or any other person of these terms. If you have not received your tickets at least two weeks prior to any scheduled show in your season package, please email Please note playing schedules of the season engagements and that all performance dates and shows are subject to change. Missed performances will NOT be refunded.